For over 20 years God has used the family of Grace to share His love to the people of Winnsboro, TX and the world.

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At a pastor's conference in 1994, a prophetic word instructed Pastor Billy to go to an old carwash which had been closed for years and that God would speak to him.  This carwash was full of old, discarded appliances, seemingly useless.  The Lord told pastor that He would bring people to Grace that were like these appliances, and they would be totally restored.  Through the years we have seen this time and time again.  It is wonderful to see the hand of God work in peoples lives.
We have programs for children of all ages.

Sunday mornings there are classes for newborn (all service) through 4th grade (after Praise & Worship).  Wednesday nights there are classes all the children including the youth.

Upcoming Events

February 22           Silent Dessert Auction to help youth go to camp
                              Bids will be taken before church and during break

February 23          Men's Bible Study - Old Testament Survey
                              6:30 - 7:30 pm every Monday for 5 weeks
                              No Bible Study on March 8

February 28           Alter Women's Conference - get your tickets now.

March 15               Easter Egg Stuffing Party
                              Immediately after church.  Please let Rita know
                              if you are planning to help so she can order lunch

March 15              Men's Meeting

March 16              Young Couples Bible Study

March 22             Ladies' Meeting

April 4                  Easter Egg Hunt
Pastor's Sermons are available on Youtube.

If you missed a Sunday and want to hear pastor's sermon, you can come here.  Every week we upload pastor's sermons on Youtube and copy a link to our website.  They are usually ready for listening by Wednesday afternoon.  We pray you are as blessed when you listen as we were when he delivered it.

CALL: 903-342-6810 | gracefm@suddenlinkmail.com

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A Taste of Worship at Grace
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