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From the Pastor's Heart

Day 11 / 2016 Fast

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 01/21/16

Sorry about the delayed or absent blogs. Guess I found a tooth to remove out of my "tent". All is well now though. How are you doing? No, really, how are you doing. So many times we feel like we are facing things alone when in reality there are many who are standing beside us. What is it that you need today that you really don't want to even talk about. Well let me pray for you....Father I don't know who is reading this, but I pray that you would reach down and wrap them in your loving arms and let them know how close you really are. Help them Lord to know that you will see them through this season as you have done before. Thank you Lord, that you are compassionate and understanding when we are weak or troubled. Thank you Father, that you are You. I pray in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  Read Psalm 29   If you can please leave me a comment, so I will know that you were here. Thanks and blessings to you, this day.  

Day 8/ 2016 Fast

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 01/18/16

Ok, the weekend has passed and we are heading into week 2 of our 21 day fast. This week we are looing into the "tent" of our lives and making sure we have nothing hidden that could hinder our spiritual walk personally or as a member of the church. Achan intentionally hid that which was forbidden in his tent. I think there are times in our lives that we just keep some things around even though we aren't "hiding" them, they still have potential to destroy. Is there anything God has told me I don't need to keep hanging on to? It could be hurt, anger, offense, etc...... I just need to get it out of my tent. Capital One ask "What's in your wallet"... our question is "What's in Your Tent"..... In our homes we usually throw things away that don't work anymore..... maybe that it is time to throw some things away because they just aren't working for your good..... Read the story of Achan again....God will speak through His Word....

Day 5/ 2016 Fast

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 01/15/16

Is it possible? Could we write these same words? Is there a way that we could perhaps say to John, I know what you mean. In 1John, the epistle begins with John saying of Jesus....I've seen Him, heard Him, touched Him. You see I believe there is a place we can go that we say these same things. That place of worship and prayer. During a fast our spiritual senses get sharpened. Press in and find that place that when you come out of your closet, War Room, that you could say I saw Him, I touched Him, I heard Him. It seems in our present day craziness, and hurried lifestyle, we tend to treat Jesus as MacJesus. We want to go through the drive-through, get what we want and hurry away. We don't have to face to face....just use the speaker outside....after all...all we wanted was what we could get..not a conversation...not a relationship....I'm in a hurry Jesus, let me tell you what I want, and you just give it to me. Oh and make sure it doesn't cost me much......If we want to touch Him, hear Him, look at Him, get out of the drive through lane of religion and go in and sit down with Him at His table of "fine dining"

Day 4/ 2016 Fast

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 01/14/16

Keep marching around your Jericho....Believe that God is ABLE to shatter any walls the enemy has tried to erect in the path the Lord has for you are someone you love.....MARCH SAINTS OF THE LIVING GOD, MARCH!  I want you to listen to a song today that Leslie sent me a link to that will make you want to get up and destroy the enemies plans.


Day 3/2016 Fast

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 01/13/16

I pray you are beginning to experience the pull of your heart to the Father. When we fast it is like the already open door into the presence of our Lord gets even wider. As we go forward Scripture will seem even more like a letter written from a Father who wants nothing more than to see His children whole and full of joy. As we begin our study in 1 John tonight we will feel John speaking to us as a father. Pull away today and spend some time with your heavenly Father. Today read Luke 6:20-49....Ask the Lord for a word from the Word....If a particular verse leaps out and grabs you then camp there today and let the Holy Spirit minister to you.

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