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From the Pastor's Heart

A Saturday Night Prayer

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 10/03/15

No one will probably see this until after the morning service. I guess you could call this a "prayer blog". Let us pray...oh God how I pray that you would fill the heart of your children tonight with a joy and expectancy of joining together for worship and the Word tomorrow. Oh God, let your presence so fill this house that people feel the glory of your presence when they walk into this place..oh God let there be healing in the worship tomorrow morn....oh God send many lost and hurting and those held captive by the lies of the enemy, let them come oh God and let them be set free and healed and delivered..oh God let it rain in this place tomorrow with such a drenching of your presence that all will be wet with the downpour of your spirit...oh God let this preacher preach in such a way that you will be honored and glorified..oh God, let there be unity in your family...oh God, my soul longs for you, my soul longs for you...oh God send your spirit through this town as on the days of Pentecost...I hunger for the day that revival breaks out and countless numbers of souls come into Your Kingdom...oh God come in power, come in power, come in filled with the electricity of your presence....oh God I cry out for you to pour out your spirit as never before seen by mankind...oh God send it now, send it now, send it now.....Let the worshippers arise....I will not give up oh God, I will keep believing that we are going to see anointing so strong that even those most skeptical cannot deny the power of our God...oh God, more, more, more, in the most precious and holy name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus!! Jesus!!!

Disaster in Van Tx

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 05/12/15

Hello and blessings.. I know this is not exactly what a blog is for but I am going to use it for this purpose anyway. I just got back from Van talking to some of the relief organizers. They feel like all is taken care of as far as food is concerned until next week. I will be in contact with them while I am out of town and relay updates to Jennifer. She will text or I will blog information. I found the same in Van that we have found in other places. Everyone is there right now helping but most will only stay a few days or a week. That is when we have moved in when we went to Joplin and Moore, after disasters had hit there. I will keep you posted and until we have exact plans just keep the people of Van in your prayers. For those who were not at our meeting about the use of the concession trailer  but are interested in helping please let me know you want to be a part of the Disaster Relief Team.  May God bless each of you!!

What is happening to our Country?

by Pastor Billy Condrey on 03/19/15

     Ok here we go with our blog. My son B.J. has been posting his thoughts on a blog page for quite some time. I am excited about beginning this. 

     We are living in what must be the "last days". Sin is rampant and now we have the Presbyterian Denomination saying that God does not know what is best for mankind (that He created). It is now ok in their constitution for homosexual marriage. Really...a church? Oh I know there are many that think the church should just stay out of the debate and go along with whatever people want to do. There will be the intellectual arguments that will try and explain how God is loving and that means that He will simply look away when we choose to violate His Word. God is loving!! God is love! That is why He has called us out of lives of sin, and given us redemption through His Son Jesus. His Word calls for Holiness, and there can be no Holiness without honoring His Word. How much of the Bible would be left if we tore out the pages that deal with the sins we don't want to turn away from? Wrong is wrong and sin is sin, and it is time we quit worrying about being politically incorrect and start calling sin what it is. Homosexuality is a sin. It is not the only sin, but it is sin.

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