Church Fast

I am calling our church into a 3 day fast. Beginning today at 12 noon through Sunday
12 noon. The main thrust of our fast will be a cry out to God to awaken that hunger for
more of His presence in our lives. We of course will have as a part of that a prayer for
those in our body that need a healing touch from God;and also for those victims of the
recent storms. Can you recall a time that you walked more closely with God? If so, it’s
time to fast and pray. If we are not careful, we will end up satisfied with a snack
instead of the feast God desires us to have. Let’s fast and pray….. it’s urgent….  

Life Happens


Do you ever take a few minutes and just think about your life? When we were young we thought we would be young forever;but then something called life begins to happen. Full of life and hope and dreams, everything in front of you. Time enough to make mistakes and still have life enough to recover. You never thought you would ever face some of the things you have seen others go through. I mean after all, you were smarter and had life figured out better than the generation before;but then life happens. Everything is not black or white. It seems like there is too much grey, not everything is so cut and dried and simple. It takes longer for your heart to heal now because, life happened. Life seems like a sunrise, in our youth it is like the morning, fresh and fullness of the day ahead. Then comes the afternoon sun, hot and you become weary of all the day has held, because in that day, life happened. But through it all, and in the midst of life hapening, you see that God has been there all the way. The deal is, life happens; and we finally come to the place that we understand that life is not all victories won, but what we have learned from the defeats. God is there on the mountain top and the celebration, and He is there in the valley of heartache and despair. Can we all just stop a few minutes and thank the Lord for giving us life, no matter what has happened. God bless, Pastor

Happy New Year!

    Even if we were not ready, 2017 is here! I am excited about the coming year and all that the Lord has in store for GFM. I want to encourage you to begin now inviting others to start the new year off with us this coming Sunday. I will share with you what I believe the Lord is saying to us as a family unit and the challenge He is giving us. We are Ambassadors for Christ and ambassadors for GFM. I am super excited about sharing this with you Sunday morning.
     Just a note also on Cherie. She will be at home doing her rehab from there. Keep her in your prayers and continue to support her through your love and encouragement.
     We also have others who are needing healing in their bodies, financial blessings, heart and emotional healing, so keep praying for your brother’s and sister’s in Christ.
      Please leave a response if you read this so I will know you are there.
May the Lord bless each of you, Pastor

Hello and Blessings

Dear Family of Grace,

What a year we have had to face with the ongoing of our precious brothers and sisters in Christ. When I talked about this being a year of “Courage” I for sure didn’t have this in mind. With that said, we still must press on toward that high calling of God He has set before us. As we go forward we must strategize our every move in order to be the most effective. I will be attempting to install strategic leaders from our body to help us achieve the greatest measure of success.

There are many needs that we will need to address over the next few months of individuals who need help in our body. It would be best to channel everything through the office so there can be a record and prevent several giving to the same “need” without knowing about it. I will also ask that if anyone needs help in any area that they go through the church office instead of calling individuals in the church and asking. Even if you don’t understand the reasoning I pray that you trust me in this and know it is for the good of everyone involved.

Now let me move onto the heartbreaking situation with Cherie. For someone with so much life, to see them in the bed in such pain and not able to be up and going literally hurts my heart. Cherie does not have use of her left arm. There is also some nerve damage to the left side of her face. We learned today that her left lung is not working properly so the oxygen will have to be continued indefinitely. The surgery left her so weakened it is with great difficulty for her to try and move much less walk. Each day is bringing about a new challenge, but also great hope to see our God work miracles. There are some things we can do to help Cherie move forward when she is able. I will coordinate the work of preparing her house for market which she was already planning before this came up. Recovery will be a battle, but with the Lord’s hand, your encouragement, and the fight in Cherie, she will get there.

I will be using the blog section now for more of an update on projects and people. It will be the quickest way to get info out along with our text. The text has a limited space so for messages that take more space we will try this. We have a great deal of work to do this coming year for our widows, single moms, orphans, and then the everyday upkeep of the church. The only way we can do the things we do is through your faithful tithes and gifts.

I pray God’s blessings over each of you,

Pastor Billy


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  1. cs says:

    ( Please leave a response if you read this so I will know you are there.)
    I always read your blog! I’m here!
    Jeremiah 3:15

  2. Brad and India says:

    Praying for Cherie !!!! 2017 is here for sure…. I’m ready !!!! We are ready for the challenges he throws at us…. can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us and GFM…may the lord bless everyone and everything!!!!


  3. BJ Condrey says:

    Hey dad, I really enjoyed reading this and hearing your heart. A new year…how is it 2017?! Thanks dad for never quitting, for always believing that God wants do great things. It challenges me. Love you!

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