The Fast Begins

Here we go Grace. Diving into our 2018 21 day fast. Believing God has spoken and given us direction. Yes there will be battles along the way. Yes there will be times of testing. Yes the enemy is opposed to anything the Lord is wanting to do in and through our lives. But the great news is that our enemy does not hold any more power than we give him. Whatever he has used to defeat us or keep us from God’s purpose for our lives we are erasing it in Jesus Name! Let’s begin this fast with a firm resolve and an intrepid spirit. Tell me what the Lord is saying to you through this time of prayer and fasting. After church today I just keep hearing the word over each of you, Unstoppable! 

Praise The Lord!

Wow! What a way to start 2018. Nothing like a good heart attack to make you look at everything around you and say Thank You Lord. Sitting here at my desk, still getting to do the thing I love most in life and that is pastor a wonderful group of people. What a great day this is, I’m alive. How wonderful to face problems, it means I’m alive. I am writing using the vehicle of technology, on Facebook, talking to people I don’t even know, I’m alive. Hug a problem today, stare it straight in the face, and say to that problem, I’m alive… and God and me can handle it. I’m alive!


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